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Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
It was just so.... incredible.... what Jane had accidentally accomplished... should they really destroy it?

"What if we keep a part of it, like a sample sized biopsy, in a jar, just to see how it atrophies?"
If Jane had known Truebridge was thinking her experiment was an accident, she would have been quite nettled. Creating this spark of life wasn't the accident, it was the natural end of a successful Black Phase of the alchemical process. What was an accident was its co-mingling with this evil...whatever it was...that Mr. Pendragon had so unwisely stored in the same chamber as her laboratory. Though it was her fault as well, for she should have objected more strongly when Damian first brought that dratted book in here.

"No," she replied, carefully keeping her eyes turned away from the creature. "If we can't separate out the evil that was stored in that book, there's no point in keeping this...experiment. It would be impure and useless for the next phase of the alchemical process." Jane was not sentimental about these matters, but she was anxious to preserve all those months--years, really--of work. And this process had been interfered with so many times already!
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