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Jane had turned away as soon as she caught a glimpse of the shapeless thing that seemed to just exude 'wrongness' and thought for a while, trying to remember what state her experiment had been in the last time she'd been working on it.

"That entity, whatever darkness was in that book, has also absorbed the experiment I'd been working on. I was just completing the Black Phase, the final separation of the new life from the dead, impure residue. If I'm not mistaken, that spark of life is what's fueling the entity and if we can remove it, the thing should lose its ability to move and function on its own and return to what it was originally. And now that it's no longer linked to its host, the book, perhaps it will expire on its own.

"I think we might try one thing that might work; we---oh, Damian, DO stop looking at that thing! (for she had noticed a slight vagueness creeping into her colleague's eyes). I think--now where was I--oh, yes. Perhaps a variation of something like the Bubble-Head Charm might be effective for a start. We need to try to contain the thing somehow; then perhaps some sort of warming charm might cause the good to separate from the bad. Try to re-create the Bain Maria I was using in the original experiment. The life-form already has the desire and impetus to rise up and away from the dross, it just needs some help."
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