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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Davet was truly a sport for indulging him. This was just another reason to continue falling in love with him each day. “Being lazy with you is the best,’’ Jude replied quite mushily. Don’t mind him; he often got this way when the husband was involved. With the food business settled, he was going to continue focusing on their planning, which Jude thought was off to a productive start!

Dav was one of Jude’s sources of happiness. Things might not have gone the way Jude had hoped {back in the days} relationship-wise but those unanswered hopes had been exactly what he needed. Davet was exactly what he needed. And wanted. He was completely fine with this gorgeous fella to keep hanging onto his heart forever, just as he himself intended to do the same with Dav’s heart. “And I always will!’’ came the happy reply and a flirty wiggle of the brows.

The mention of a guest list had him sighing dramatically and burying his head in Dav’s shoulder. “My list is gonna be so long.’’ His voice came out slightly muffled. “I really need to start working on that soon.” The earlier, the better. That way, if Jude forgot anyone, he would be able to add them in. “Of course I’ll need your help to put mine together.” Davet knew everyone in his life and another pair of eyes would not hurt in this mission. “It wouldn’t hurt to divide the lists into family and friends. Might be easier that way,’’ he mused, surfacing again. OHH! FOOD! “Everything!” Jude remarked with a laugh. “Kidding. Maybe two meat options - chicken and beef, maybe? - along with a vegetarian option for starters. Buffet style, yes?”

The wedding definitely also had to be what Davet wanted. After all, that day was going to be about both of them. “I’ve got a few singers in mind but I’ll narrow the list down and we’ll figure out who the lucky person will be. Let me know if there’s anyone you want to add to the list, babe.”
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