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Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
The difference in how Bryony treated him versus their other housemates was not something that was lost on Drake. Even outside of Aryan, considering it seemed she and Etta also got on as thick as thieves. But it wasn’t something he could feel particularly hurt or confused by, considering… well, wasn’t he guilty of the same thing? With anyone else from their house, he wouldn’t have even asked himself the question of if he should greet them or not. So no, he could not fault her that the hello was not as enthusiastic as with any of the others.

Besides, it’s not like she was THAT different, he supposed. “Oh! That’s fun! Do you ever feel weird eating bacon when it’s also your pets’ name? I wouldn’t think so, but I wondered.” It was as random of a question as most of his were, but asked nonetheless. Also, it at least gave him SOMETHING to say.’
She was trying. Honest. There had been a time during their first year where she may have considered trying to turn away and act like she hadn't seen him. That wasn't something she did now. While still awkward at times, Drake and herself talked, not the way she did with others but.. it was something. Certainly much better than it had been in the very beginning. They had a few things in common so that was always helpful and they were in the same house after all.

"Mhmm, you can join us if you like." Lookit her trying to be friendly! Ary would be so proud! "There's a blanket in the basket we can sit on when we find the perfect spot to eat." This hadn't been the spot she intended to have her picnic but it would do if he wanted to stay here. Bryony laughed at the question, shaking her head spending blonde hair all up into her face. "Nope, I got him when I was really little so I don't think I was much thinking about that sort of thing. Bacon was my favorite food and he was all my own so I wanted his name to mean something to me." Only having been around four years older or so at the time, it had made a whole lot of sense to her back then. Perhaps if her were a piglet, now that would have made things a little weird." She giggled.
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