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Aurora wholeheartedly agreed that it wasn’t the owl’s fault and that if a human was to go poking around in her face she might be tempted to bite them too. “People are such silly billies sometimes, I don’t think they think.” Rather ironically Aurora often didn’t stop and think things through herself, she was more of a doer but she did at least have SOME awareness of how to behave around creatures which would be mighty useful considering what she was hoping to do as a career. “I do! Merryweather lives in my dorm and Flora lives up here whilst I’m at school and then when it’s the school holidays Anna usually takes her home.” It was an arrangement that worked well, a sort of co-parenting deal without Aurora having to admit to her Ma that she had a pet without permission.

“That makes sense” The Ravenclaw nodded in agreement. “I don’t know Latin very well though. I wanted to learn a language so I tried Mermish but it wasn’t what I thought it would be so I kinda gave up.” Sadly she had discovered that Hogwarts mermaids were not the red-headed sirens with the princess voices and there would be no singing during the class. “What’s Latin for post?” Or fire post maybe? “And the wand movement should be a flame.” Because that made the most sense and would be the easiest to remember. The worst thing was recalling a spell whose wand movements didn’t make any sense to the type of spell she was casting and then she’d get all confused.

The library was not somewhere that the blonde often frequented. She wasn’t interested in reading books and preferred to do her homework in front of the fireplace in the common room around others. “It would come under Charms right? So maybe Professor Feirgrund would know too?” He seemed like a very knowledgeable man.
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