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Allie had no doubt in her mind that Matty would be absolutely fine wherever she was. If there was one thing she was sure of about her fiancÚ it was that she could easily handle herself. The blonde had been so incredibly proud when she heard of her new job that worrying about her safety hadn’t even crossed her mind. “Oh I know she’ll be fine” she laughed. “You Ackerlys are the fiercest, most incredible women. I have no doubt that you’ll cope with whatever your careers through at you.” There was no family that she would be prouder of joining. Arguably Allie was pretty fierce too, she WAS a Gryffindor after all, but she decided she wasn’t quite cut out for that lifestyle quite yet and had pursued her other passions first.

“Tell me about it,” she chuckled thinking back to how exhausting the children in the daycare had been that day. “I know you all have to be so physically fit but have you ever tried keeping up with a toddler?” A toddler who had clearly consumed far too much sugar before their parents helpfully dropped them off for someone else to deal with. “Just think about how incredible you’ll look by the end of it.” Not that Ariadne didn’t already look incredible but it was surely an added bonus?

Allie was surprised to hear that the school experience hadn’t been favourable to her cousin-in-law, she herself had loved her time at Hogwarts and would gladly go back if she could. “Do you wish you’d stayed at Beauxbatons then?” She could see the appeal but nothing would change her mind over Hogwarts being the superior magic school.
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