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As it stood now, there was not a whole lot of other people that sought out Tam’s time. Sometimes her sisters, and soon there would be two others of those running through the castle halls (which truthfully, she looked forward to having Miri and Simi around). And she and Vesper were friends but… the majority of her time definitely went to being spent with Dynah. She would have just been relieved to know the Hufflepuff didn’t mind that fact.

While it was not consciously done, Tam had Dy’s back in this regard. She was watching out for people in the crowd around them and gently tugging the girl this way and that, as needed, just to avoid anyone hitting her. She didn’t notice any distraction though on her companion’s part, she was just assuming it was everyone else who was the problems. As for beauty and talent? Well… she would have argued against both, perhaps unsurprisingly. She worked hard for her music to be sure, but for beauty? She was average, at best, if you asked her. “Maybe we can look together?” She offered shyly, in response to Dynah’s enthusiasm. “If you don’t have plans, after that is. We could go find an ice cream parlor or somewhere to sit and look!” A coffee shop was sure to have some newspapers too if they weren’t there, and they could search entertainment sections.

She smiled and gave a nod of enthusiasm, agreeing again to sit and talk with her whenever she needed. Nerves or not! Excuse her while she went soft at that statement from Dy. She wanted it to feel like she was on stage with her too? She hoped her expression didn’t show how minorly emotional she felt at the statement, and instead just kept her smile in place. “We should do a mash up of all your favorite genres then. What are some of your all time favorite songs?” Maybe they could start there with overlapping? Plus… it’d just be good information to have.

Here a skeptical look was given by the Ravenclaw, because she was certain she COULD annoy if she tried. Or if she didn’t. “Between you and Andi, I might jus become quite the sports trivia expert!” She sincerely doubted it, but she would still try to be interested and learn for the pair of them. “Well… I just don’t think I am. I’m too shy and hesitant to reach out enough. I feel like it looks… disinterested, I suppose. But I swear I’m not.” She was just afraid of rejection, which was getting a little easier to overcome with all of the reassurances Dy gave.
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