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As if Bowie wasn’t already socially inept enough, the minute those words came flowing out of Denzel’s mouth did his level on the awkward scale shoot sky high. The former Hufflepuff was notoriously bad at detecting shameless flirtation, he was the type who mistook it for friendliness and was completely naive even when it whacked him straight in the face. It made him incredibly easy to walk all over, should he meet the wrong person he could completely be taken advantage of.

Then came the nickname, one that he hadn’t heard before but he supposed there was some truth behind. If he wasn’t already all flustered, he certainly was now. “No I.. I mean I didn’t mean..” he spluttered, scratching at the back of his neck like a confused puppy and his cheeks flushing a fetching shade of cerise. Truthfully he had meant date as in a specific time and day and not in its other meaning. “I’d never intentionally force someone to ask me on a date.” Perhaps his humility held him back too much but he could never assume that someone found him interesting enough to do such a thing, let alone a relative stranger he had just met on the street.

A very handsome stranger admittedly and someone who could be just his type but there were far too many assumptions there to even think of that right now. For example, he said that he had children and well.. it took two to tango and for all he knew Denzel was already in a committed relationship. Except his next words stated otherwise and he couldn’t help a slightly relieved smile from gracing his lips. “Not any that I know of.” He softly chuckled quickly realising how bad that sounded. It had meant as a joke, something to lighten the current situation that had developed between them but he could see how it could be misconstrued. “I suppose I haven’t found the person yet” he confessed. Ordinarily others would probably question why Bowie found it easy to open up to others so quickly but he had always been that way. He was also that person who verbalised their inner thoughts to anyone willing to listen, hence the spiel over wanting to watch a World Cup match which suddenly turned into an offer of something that sounded very much like a date.

And as if on queue, his face turned that shade of pink and he wished that he had his hair fully down so he could hide behind his locks. “Are you now asking me on a date?” Denzel would HAVE to be straightforward with Bowie.
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