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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Why... Why think? "I-" The question made him pause with uncertainty. "I-" Again he pulled at his sleeves, making the limp arms of his jumper look rather comical. "I don't know," he admitted finally, feeling embarrassed for his lack of answer. "I haven't seen everything yet." He felt lost, not knowing how to mime this and upset with himself for not being able to mime it.

Which made what happened next his worst nightmare. "No, I-" Um. "I do like," his panic palpable as he moved his hands around. "I mean, not no," he swallowed hard, feeling overwhelmed by his own actions.

Dear Merlin.

"I..." Not knowing how to make this any better, he slipped his backpack strap off his shoulder and began rummaging through his bag, which really didn't take long as his backpack only contained one item: a plain notebook, stuffed with contents.

He opened it flat, and held it out as a last ditch effort to explain himself. On the page, there were a few pressed petals, labeled with a date, species, and location. His flower journal. Well, plant journal. There were more than just flowers in here. It was something his gran had gifted him, the very first pages used for observations he made in her greenhouse. He liked it here very much. And he was sure he'd like it over there, in that other section too. See?
The vibes had greatly morphed into something else. She suddenly felt insecurity creep up, her hand clutching tightly to the mint leaves behind her back. Alfie also looked like he wasn't faring too well. She strained her ears to pay close attention to the words coming out of him mouth, and even though she could hear him, understanding him was something else.

She understood I don't know because that was a phrase she repeated a lot, but the rest...He liked...but...

No, no?

Watching him curiously as he took something out of his bag, Yulietta remained firmly planted in her spot. It wasn't until he opened a notebook that for a second her insecurities drifted away. She softly gasped, eyes shining as she approached him. She carefully turned a page and grinned. "Amas a las plantas," she grinned at him. Why else would someone have a notebook like this? So carefully detailed. " love the plants."
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