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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Helena’s heart leapt.

She felt joy and slight anxiety. But her mind had been staunchly made up and she intended on following in through with her decision to take the Potion. “Wonderful!’’ She set her hairbrush down on the bedside table and watched with interest as Jane brought out the liquid. In her opinion, Jane had gone all out in protecting the Potion; not that Helena could blame her as it was the fruit of her friend’s hard work.

The woman leaned in closer to examine the contents of the phial. “I’m proud of you, that you were able to create something that can help so many.” She sat up straight again. “Do I have to take the entire phial? And this will be the only dose? And does Violet know that you’ve brought this to me?” Maybe her daughter wanted to be here at this moment? “Also, how long until I start remembering?”
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