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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Davet was just… the absolute best. Jude was gazing at him fondly, and if he could have literally made heart eyes, he would have. “All of that, please,’’ he said, his mouth already watering at the thought of having all that food to sink his teeth into. “Whatever’s left, we can reheat tomorrow.” IF there was any left, actually. It was a good thing neither young men had to worry about putting on extra pounds; Dav did enough dancing with him that saw them both burning a great deal of calories.

Jude would have been ashamed of himself if he had broken Davet’s heart. He might have really been into Evan back then but it was Dav’s kindness, humour, understanding and immense good looks {the guy was pure hot stuff!} that had won him over. And Jude couldn’t be happier that the stars had aligned the way they had. He was beyond happy with this man at his side. Besides, Dav deserved all the best things in the world, which was why Jude was always inspired to be the best human that he could be, for him. “With you, I know I always will be,’’ Jude replied flirtatiously. Perhaps it was their strong wishes for each other that invited good things in the other’s life.

Ahhhh, Jude LOVED that look in his husband’s eyes! It made him happy in turn to know that Dav’s parents loved him and that they trusted him to take care of their son. Their super brilliant son, that is, because Jude was quite enjoying listening to Dav talk about their finances. “I think it’ll be mostly easy to start adding to our emergency fund, as we’re not really big spenders.” At least they weren’t on themselves. Also, they both had their careers going for them so Jude was confident all would work out for them. He was pleased that they were walking along a clear path of constructive action. “I think two booths would be enough. Three at most?” There was an enthusiastic nod from the younger boy. “Why not? I think the guests will appreciate that. I can’t wait for us to plan the menu… find the perfect caterer…” A wedding was so much work but so exciting! Oh yes, dancing on that day would be important to him; not because he loved the activity but because he got to show how happy he was being married to Dav. He made himself happier by watching his love make the notes.

For that question, Jude mulled it over for a bit. “There are pros and cons on both ends… but I’m leaning towards both. I think it’d be nicer to have our song sung live when we dance. Don’t you think so? A DJ would do smashingly later on in the evening when the celebration’s in full swing.”
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