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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Yes, arguments were just the worst. It probably wasn’t healthy that Aryan tended to avoid any conflict rather than confronting it but it was what it was. Huge props to Drake for looking out for him! Maybe they both should just settle on them being the best in each other’s eyes {though Ary would have to take it a step further in clarifying that Drake was his best guy friend since Bry was his best girl friend}. And the feeling was mutual: Ary was the number one fan of Drake; he always would be.

It was quite clear that Drake was excited to see all the things. This made Aryan even happier that he had invited Drake over, even if it was true there had been an ulterior motive of not wanting to be separated from the other boy for all that extended summer time. “You’re welcomes. I’m happys your mom let you come.” He too added some energy into swinging their hands as they headed towards the creatures… or rather, the house, since his Dad had made a good point. “Okays! The house it is!”

“No problem, Drake. You’re welcome to stop by whenever you want.” So basically, Drake had a lifelong invitation much like Bryony had. Speaking of, if she could see those two swinging hands now, she would have been pretty annoyed. This also made him very curious about Ary and Drake’s friendship. Adi and Benny’s had rather started with these platonic shows of affection too. “I’ve got to head back to the dragon enclosures but I’ll be seeing you two soon enough. Be a good host, Ary!’’ Adi ruffled his son’s hair before dashing off towards the dragons.

“I wills.” Ary watched Adi hurry off as he continued to lead Drake to the house. “There’s an extra bed in my room alreadys pushed togethers with mine,’’ he informed his friend as they reached the house. His own bed was actually big enough for both of them to fit comfortably but had put the thought aside since he didn’t want to make Drake uncomfortable. Should Drake figure that they both could fit, and didn’t mind taking the free half, that was fine with him. “Come on! I’m on the first floor!’’ {The floor above the ground floor, in this case}. Up the flight of stairs he began to climb.
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