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Tav’s feelings were only saved from the fact he was perhaps a bit fickle. While he willingly gave affection to everyone, he was not one who was overly good at reaching out to give further of that affection of his own accord. He did not send letters or frequently make mirror calls to keep in contact with anyone but his siblings, Marley and Emi. But if someone reached out to him, he was reminded of how much he enjoyed speaking to that person and being in their overall presence so he was enthusiastic in his responses. This meant that if people didn’t like him or were not genuine in their interactions with him, he rarely noticed since they didn’t reach out later. It didn’t not perhaps make him the greatest friend, but he was unaware of that thus far.

“Oooh do you know how to repair old records?” Because if so, that was perhaps one of the coolest hobbies he had heard of! “The books seem to generally need some binding but that’s not too difficult. And the antiques are lovely!” He’d seen an old muggle lamp around the corner a few moments ago, and the patterns on the ceramic had been lovely. He’d a bit wanted to smash it and use the pieces for a mosaic but considering it was mostly well kept that had seemed like a shame. “This place is the best for browsing.” He agreed, with a kind smile. As for picture books? Who WOULDN’T love them! There was a reason that had always been the end game career in his mind. “I can only hope one day some books I’ve illustrated are among that lot!” Maybe he and Em would even have their own kids he could show them to!

Hmm… what type of object did he want to look for? Tav did a small circle, looking over the shelves before turning back to her with a sheepish grin and a shrug of his shoulders. “No clear direction. I just wanted to find something that would look cool repurposed! Maybe something glass or porcelain or ceramic that I could smash?”
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