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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

That giggle surely meant that Tamara was enjoying the hand swinging, yes? At least Dy thought so since the other girl hadn’t pulled her hand away. It brought Dy a ton of joy that their hands fit so snugly together and that they were having such a great conversation. That was one thing Dynah liked about her and Tam: even if Dy herself was often lulled into silence or at other times making a goofy fool of herself, the pair always found something interesting to chat about. But she couldn’t understand why her friend was so surprised about wanting them to perform together. She stopped in her tracks as Tam came to a standstill. “Yes, of course. You’re very talented.” And Pretty. “Everyone would want to listen to you perform for hours.” Dy would like nothing more than to stare at her for hours, actually. Then Tamara was loving the idea and reassuring her and… Dynah’s heart swelled with happiness. “Great! There’s a one hundred percent chance that we’ll make the perfect team and have successful careers!” If they got to do that together, it would be the best thing to ever happen in Dy’s life. It was also her way of subtly letting the Ravenclaw know what she wanted to be in her life for a very long time.

It boosted her confidence that Tamara believed in and was happy for her. “Thank you. Right now I feel calm and excited but I doubt those’ll last as the time draws closer.” It was something she was trying not to think about. “Solo opening act. Will you help me pick the pieces to perform? I’m thinking of a medley of sorts.” Having Tam in the audience would definitely help. Dy gave her a wise smile of gratitude.

Did Tam have any idea how happy she was making her today?! “It doesn’t just have to be performances. You can come to my Gobstones matches if you like.” If it wasn’t too much trouble. Dy knew she was asking a lot by offering Tam to spend so much time with her. She now fixed her eyes ahead, her free hand now falling to her side, her fingers uncrossed. “You don’t need an excuse to hang out with me. You can just let me know when and I’ll be there.” Immediately after those words, she bit her lower lip, worried that she might be pushing Tamara.
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