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He couldn’t help the smile as his husband curled up against his shoulder, his head fitting perfectly for Dav to gently rest his own curls atop Jude’s hair. If he needed to recharge, the frenchman would be happy to sit here with him for hours. Whatever he needed! At the idea of not cooking for the evening - well… Davet certainly didn’t have any qualms or complaints about that! “Let’s order in. Then we can do some of the fun stuff of the wedding planning over dinner. What do you feel like? Chinese food? Curry?” Or anything else that came to mind for the dancer - the actor was certainly not picky about food!

Those good vibes? Yes, Davet could already feel them. Although that might have just been the general good feelings he had when in the prescense of his favorite human being. No matter what they were doing, being around Jude always made him happier. “Merci, mon amour.” Thank you, my love. He said quietly, nuzzling into his head affectionately. The pure confidence was something that never ceased to make him smile, but Davet had a strong suspicion that his significant other had an inflated sense of how talent he was. He wasn’t a poor actor by any means, but not nearly worth the assurance that Jude always seemed to have. “Will I then? Are you one of those…. What was the word in your world? The one for a soothsayer?” He knew there was something similar to the character from The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. He might not have been well versed yet in the wizarding world, but he certainly knew his Shakespearan counterparts.

He was content to share however much of the hot cocoa Jude happened to want. There was certainly a well stocked amount of it in their kitchen - a staple for the pair and any visiting siblings and sibling in laws. Accepting the cup back when Jude passed it over, Dav brought it to his own lips again as well after passing over the binder - before setting it off to the small table on the side of the sofa. “My parents also have a fund that they were saving for me to use for whatever. I’d like to pool that with our wedding fund as well.” At least, a good chunk of it. Another portion Davet had already invested so that it could grow in numbers for whenever they were ready to purchase a home - though as long as they were successful in their given careers, he did not think finances would ever be a concern for them. “A photoshoot sounds good to me! A lot of more traditional weddings I’ve heard of them doing something called ‘a first look’ which is a private moment for the grooms to see each other before the chaos of the ceremony.” It was more private; intimate. Davet liked the idea of having that moment together a lot - just them and a photographer to skillfully catch it forever. “Should we do a photobooth set up too for our guests? I hear a lot of people tend to get antsy during the photoshoots - it might be a good way to keep people occupied? And a way for other memories and moments that we aren’t present for for us to get to enjoy later?” As for suits? “I love that idea! If Aria is up to it, we should definitely do that!” He beamed at Jude, though he immediately melted into a figurative puddle at the look his husband gave him and the words. Dav stole another quick kiss before replying. “The ‘me’ part is already a given. But I agree.” Another peck. “Is it safe to assume photos of the day are our second most important piece?”
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