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"Here's to hoping."

The comment was made to men not still dumping the two of them. Kayne was sure that would be the case, they'd both manage to find someone. But, never knew. As someone who prided themselves in a lot of things regarding divination, the former Slytherin knew that it was something yet to be seen. The future was a vast mystery yet to be explored after all.

"Remind to write it down for you before we leave then. I've been told they're pretty great ideas at least." Look at Kayne, making an offbeat attempt at trying his darndest to stay humble in the moment. Emphasis at attempt, for he made a (faked) dramatically pained face upon saying it. "Thank you, you're much too kind. And oh? Is that so. Please, do tell all the juicy details on that cause last I recalled it wasn't necessarily your forte. Also, you must tell me about those awards you got that." He was genuinely intrigued by both of these things, slightly jealous of the latter. He'd take a brief pause then, before going on

"And meh, I've been against worse things. Thank you for understanding at least, and you are almost certainly right on that. Things will get better for us, eventually."

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