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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

It made sense that Jude loved the language. After all, it was a part of who Davet was and Jude loved everything about him! Plus, there was something special about the way the words sounded when the hubster spoke them; they rolled so remarkably fluently and elegantly off his tonger. Jude hoped their future kids would speak French in that manner too. Mhmm! And he hoped those dozen kiddos would also be as open with their affection! Jude could not help grin at the kiss. Though they had been together for so long, Davet still made him feel elated each day. “I just need to recharge for now.” The younger guy leaned his head on Davet’s shoulder; being in close proximity to his husband always helped with that. “You take such good care of me,’’ he continued. “I’ll take you on the foot bath offer shortly then we can get something to eat. We can go out. Or order in, whatever you want. Let’s just be lazy for the rest of the day and tonight.” Therefore, there would be no cooking by you, you sweet fella!

“I’m channelling all my good vibes to you!’’ Jude remarked enthusiastically, feeling hyped as he always did whenever there was the prospect of Dav clinching a few new roles. He also loved helping Dav preparing for those roles, so it was unsurprising that he now knew a whole lot about the acting world, more than he did when it was just Rea the actress in his life. “I have a feeling that you’ll be hearing back from at least one sooner than you expect.” And the dancer left that as that. He just had a good feeling about it, okay?

Now that his love had moved closer, Jude was better able to adjust himself so that he could better observe the project while keeping his head on Dav’s shoulder. You know, Jude would echo that exact sentiment; the one about wanting to give Dav the perfect wedding. But it was THEIR wedding and so it would be what they both wanted. Jude too had reflected how much Davet deserved the perfect and the most grand wedding ever. In his case, he mainly wanted to show the other guy off, to let the world know he was Jude’s and that Davet’s fans were out of luck of having a chance with him. As Davet handed over the binder, Jude took another gulp of hot chocolate before holding the cup over; it was clear he intended to continue sharing. “I’ve got a fair amount saved from all those dance lessons, plus there’s the concert coming up…” he mused. “I’ve been thinking we could have our own photoshoot before the main event? Just us. And we can have multiple suits. I know Aria would be delighted to design a few in any colour we want.” Up until now, he had been focused on on the binder but now, Jude lifted his head to gaze at Dav. “You, of course,’’ was his reply accompanied with a soft smile.
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