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Had Bowie known he was being described as ‘pretty’ he might’ve shown his awkwardness by flushing a fetching shade of pink across his cheeks. Thankfully that information was kept under wraps and Bowie didn’t have to portray his inability to take compliments. If it was a compliment, for all he knew being called pretty could be derogatory.

“Thank you” the bearded man smiled as he accepted the help. “Kind of? Well I am, I play piano and guitar and I can sing but I’m not really a professional musician per se. I do backing instrumentals and vocals and what not.” Bowie was also one of those people who the minute he opened his mouth was unable to shut up. Over sharing was definitely one of his personality traits. “I work in music production mostly for a small record label. A mishmash of all genres.” It was supposed to be a foot in the door type thing but he had found himself relatively secure and didn’t quite have the confidence to push himself further.

Guessing had nothing to do with it but the familiarity in his features to his younger brother was the biggest clue. “Yes I was in his year at Hogwarts. Great bloke!” he reminisced. “I’d seen you around..” Did that sound stalkerish? He didn’t mean it like that, just that he was good with faces and a bit of a floater when it came to his social circles. “I’m Bowie Fisher. I was in Hufflepuff.” A fact that was likely glaringly obvious.
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