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Originally Posted by Lottiepot View Post
What Bowie lacked in organisation, he made up for in enthusiasm. That explained the arms full of recording equipment he was lugging around Diagon Alley on his way to a young up-and-coming musician he was attempting to mentor. You see despite the incredible voice and multitalented instrumental ability, Bowie didn’t feel he had the charisma or showmanship to be a successful musician himself. He did however feel he had the skills to help produce another generation of musicians. After several years of floating around between jobs, providing backing vocals and instrumentals, working in recording studios and currently working as a recording technician at a music record label, Bowie had got to the point he was considering just working for himself.

If only he had the confidence to jump into the deep end.

Sauntering down the south side of the street, his attention was distracted somewhat by the display in the front of Atticus’ to the point that he accidentally bumped into the wall and dropped the box of supplies he was carrying. “Oh Merlin’s left sock” he muttered, shaking his head but also laughing at himself for his clumsiness.

Denzel was on a break from his shift. Typically, he spent it for relaxing reasons, other times he had time to check in on his boys in the school. But today, he was looking forward to the downtime. Nice and quiet...


Or in theory, it would've been. His blue-green eyes followed the clatter of multiple objects from a box that belonged to a blonde gentle-wizard, "..Nice," Denzel commented dryly. Whether it was the sound or the action of how they managed to drop everything was up to them. "You need some help or is this a common thing?" The least he could do was ask before action.


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