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Default Arcade Area

As you continue along the second-floor corridor, you will eventually stumble upon a bust of a medieval wizard who is quietly muttering to himself in Latin. But it is the antechamber near this statue that draws in a lot of students because over the years this spot has been designated as a popular hang-out area. More often than not, those who need a break from schoolwork come here to play an array of indoor wizarding games.

Scattered around this small room are chess boards, decks of Exploding Snap cards, areas for playing Gobstones, and other wizarding games ranging from Snitch Snatcher to Wizard Cracker Pop-It to Wizard Skittles. If none of these games interest you, there is a small table where Runok Ko and Rune Riddle books can be found. Otherwise, you can go check out the suit of armour that stands off to the side -- maybe you will figure out that it is guarding a passage to a secret storeroom -- or, if you feel there's more of the castle for you to explore, take the stairway that leads up to the third floor.
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