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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Jude didn’t mind forgiving {obviously} Dav for not meeting him at the door, especially when he saw how busy the other young man was. The sight of him lifted Jude’s spirit; there was just something about the way Dav looked when he was busy. Perhaps Jude had developed a really deep love for the look of adorable concentration that registered on the husband’s face whenever he was focused. It was the same look that Jude usually admired whenever Dav was learning lines for his plays and movies.

Ahh! Such a wonderful way Dav had with words, and even better? Whenever he spoke French! Ugh, Jude LOVED it! Excuse him while he basked in the glories of those words and the returned kiss. “Thank you,’’ he said appreciatively as the cup of hot cocoa was accepted. “Busy. Tiring. But rewarding since everyone is learning all the dances for the concert well.” So, he was very happy. “How was yours though? Tell me everything!” He leaned in to nudge Dav lightly while simultaneously taking a drink.

The younger man eyed Dav’s paper with interest, the one that held the list. Said interest went even further when it was revealed what his hubby was up to. “Aren’t you the organised one?” Jude loved that the initiative had been taken! His Davet was like that, always so thoughtful. “It’s a lot, huh?” He didn’t care how much work it was to plan and put together, the love of his life deserved the grandest, most beautiful wedding. Not to mention Jude wanted to show Davet off once again to the world as his. “What do you want to start with?” Wasn't this exciting?!
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