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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Yes, their friendship was indeed important. Ary had been able to sense the goodness in Drake and this was partially why he was able to bond so excellently with the other boy. Bonding with strangers was not one of his stronger traits so he had been quite taken aback when he had had an interesting and fun first conversation with Drake in Diagon Alley. He also loved that they had been Sorted into the same House, especially in the way of his presence helping Ary sleep restfully at nights.

As a matter of fact… Ary did notice a teeny amount of tension between the Drake and Bry; it didn’t emanate from Drake, this much he knew. The truth was, he knew Bry was insecure about his close friendship with the other Slytherin boy. The other truth was, Ary was not sure how to handle this situation other than trying to show Bry that she was still important to him. He was kind of hoping she would be reassured and be completely civil to Drake.

Ary was just about to point out that his friend was reading the book upside down when the mistake was realised. “We don’t haves much in the way of differents kinds of creatures. Dad and papa haves always been into hippogriffs and dragons.” He flipped the pages to the dragons. “We gots Romanian Longhorn, Antipodean Opaleye, Hebridean Black, Peruvian Vipertooth…” Ary checked off the list on his fingers as he went, did a quick double check and then continued. “Norwegian Ridgeback, Chinese Fireball… huh. Basically its alls of the types of dragons. You gets to see thems all for real soon. In the meanstimes, you get to learn about them for your books.” Ary was going to show Drake every bit of the Reserve when the time came! “We can do thats. I feel better now… knowings that I’ll get to… still see you oftens.” The sentence was broken because Ary was not good at words; actions were more his forte.

“It’s really okay!” Grinning, he lifted his head, rubbing his neck in the process. “Oh yeah, I ams.” Before he knew it, the towel was thrown over his head. His laughter sounded muffled from beneath as his hair got ruffled in the drying process. “Drake! Stop apologising!” And he blindly reached for Drake’s face so that he could clamp a hand over his friend's mouth.
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