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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

“Uh huh. I listed him already.” Brody arched an eyebrow at Gabe. But really, it wasn’t a surprise that Gabriel wasn’t fully focused on Brody’s chatter; Brody was used to his husband’s mind being partially someplace else - usually on protecting him from any danger even when there seemed to be none around - but he would never complain if Gabe gave him his full attention at this moment.

“It is, isn’t it?” Brody came to a stop before Bagshot’s house, eyeing it curiously. “Want to take a tour? Or are you too preoccupied?” The latter question was him being half serious, half joking with Gabe. Unlike his husband, Brody’s train of thoughts were not thinking about them leaving their flat. Sure, he wanted the life where they moved into someplace bigger but cosy, and where they had kids of their own but he hadn’t brought that up recently. He liked their life currently and well… he was ready whenever his husband was. The important thing was that Gabe knew that Brody wanted the two: a nice house and kids - two at max but he was open to being talked into them having more.
Oooooops. Gabriel flushed, the gentle call-out enough to pull his full attention back to the present. "Did you? Sorry, Brody," he said earnestly. He watched his husband as they stopped in front of a house, overcompensating a bit for his previous lack of attention. Maybe Brody really did just view this as an educational, historical trip.

He finally drew his attention to Bagshot's house. It didn't look all that exciting in his mind, but if Brody wanted to do a tour, he'd be patient, and maybe even learn something. "Yes, let's take a tour," Gabriel said, turning back to him with a smile. "I never did read Hogwarts, A History. Maybe you can teach me something." History was more fun with friends and family, after all.
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