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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Amelia Adara

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Emma Montmorency (#301199)
Third Year

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Chloe Michelle Adara
Accidents & Catastrophes

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TiaMarie Mancini
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Default 25 Rose-y Moments For The Holidays
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It’s the holiday season and in honor of the Holiday Ficlet Challenge, I’ve decided to use an original SSRPG family started many moons ago, with Amelia Rose (yes the same one who’s the current Potions Mistress). These ficlets will be inspired by any one of numerous Rose Family members that I play. If a spouse / sibling played by another RPer is mentioned, will credit accordingly.

Happy holidays and thank you for reading

Disclaimer: All characters from the Harry Potter Universe are owned by Ms. J. K. Rowling.

SPOILER!!: “Rose Family Members that may be used for inspiration”

Andrew Rose
Amelia Adara (nee Rose)
Alex Rose
Aaron Rose
Oliver Rose
Chloe Adara (daughter to Amelia Rose)
Carsyn Rose
Apollo Grimm Adara-Stark (Son of Chloe; grandson to Amelia)
Tiffany Rose

(possibly others that I forgot but we'll try to stick to this list as they're the most loud )

1. Carols 2. Advent 3. Candy Canes 4. Chimney 5. Scrooge 6. Jolly 7. Eggnog 8. Chestnuts 9. Mistletoe 10. Bells 11. Sleigh 12. Reindeer 13. Gingerbread 14. Candlelight 15. Nutcracker 16. Plum Pudding 17. Wreath 18. Tinsel 19. Fruitcake 20. Presents 21. Snowman 22. Coal 23. Decorate 24. Ice Skating 25. Ugly Sweater

Drabble #1 - Prompt #25 - Ugly Sweater
{Featuring Tiffany Rose, age 10}
{Siblings briedly mention - Jonathan played by Fearlessleader19; Ariadne played by Nordic Witch}
142 words

“Seriously?” Tiffany cried out, after opening the usual symmetrical boxes that her and her siblings got every year. Frankly she was tired of the gaunty knit sweaters that she’d been receiving for as long she could remember.

She loved everything about the Christmas season - the cookie decorating, the music, sitting by the fireplace - but the sweaters she could seriously do without. The giant ‘R’ on the front signaling that she was a Rose. Don’t get her wrong, she was proud to be a Rose and the legacy of her parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and all before her. But the sweaters.

She never wore them except for the annual picture that was required with her siblings and older she got, the sillier her face became, showcasing her displeasure for this unfortunate tradition. Why’d it have to sweaters? Why couldn’t it be cutsey pajamas?

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