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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Hartley had made sure to stay clear of Evan the entire time his flatmate was busy cooking. It was a difficult choice given that soon enough their flat was filled with such aromas that Hartley had never smelt before! He purposely avoided snacking so that he would not ruin his appetite for the feat Evan was whipping up. And even when Hart heard him talking to his Halmeoni, he only made himself seen in one brief moment just to say ‘hi’ to her. Hartley was doing his best not to disturb the other guy. Instead, he spent his time catching up on an assignment which he had been procrastinating on; he was proud of himself to finally be able to focus and complete three quarters of it. When it was shortly before Dafydd and Jude arrived, he got ready. Hartley didn’t go overboard with his attire: a pair of deep navy blue jeans and a button up shirt with a quarter of the top buttons left open was sufficient. His hair was neatly combed, of course. “Evan, its your turn to get ready if you haven’t!” Hartley made himself known in the living room. Excuse him as he continued to draw in deep breaths; the aromas were still high.

Jude was a tad late. His very first solo concert {even if it was a small one for now} was due to kick off in December of 2112 and well… it was loads of work planning and practicing with his backup dancers. Not to mention there was his wedding, which was also in its planning stage; luckily Davet was the best partner he could ask for and was more than helpful with assisting. There was also the fact Jude was also still at WADA... he needed a break and hanging with the other three this evening was a great option. He was sure Ev, Daf and Hartley would forgive him if he fell asleep. In any case, he was excited to see two of his closest friends and get to know Hartley some more. His signature grin in place and he knocked on the door to the flat. He kind of felt bad turning up empty handed but he knew that Evan had spent hours taking care of the food and Jude was was not to rain on his best friend’s shining moment!
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