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Desiree's face fell at the eyebrow raise from Professor Gert. She should've guessed that the librarian would be skeptical. It was a far-fetched guess, she knew. She probably wouldn't have believed it herself if she hadn't seen evidence with her own eyes!

She handed over the parchment, peering around Professor Gert's shoulder to get a better look at it. The letter mentioned a meeting place. What if the mirror was that meeting place? That didn't explain the spell, though. She listened to Professor Gert and Professor Liu's theories about the spell, lost in thought. “So maybe this spell has something to do with love or friendship?” She mused out loud.

But what did that have to do with the mirror? Now she was even more confused than ever! She looked at the parchment again, then back at the book. “The writing in the book matches the parchment,” she pointed out, “so Macarius Burke was likely the spell's inventor.” A thought struck her, and she added, “I wonder if the spell is something like a gateway to the meeting place mentioned in the letter…”

And what if the mirror was-? No sooner had Desiree's thoughts turned in that direction that Professor Fergersnout mentioned the very mirror in question. “Hello, Professor,” Desiree greeted with a slight smile. “You said the mirror was forgotten until recently. Did you see it do anything out of the ordinary?”
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