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The astronomy professor listened intently as the girl explained their discovery, just what the item that fell off the library shelf was. A book about portals made of mirrors? It sounded like a combination two-way mirror used for communication and a vanishing cabinet to get from place to place. Now that was an interesting piece of magic were it to exi--- Wait?! Cue eyebrow raise. Ms. Marchand thought one such magical mirror already existed?!An just how do ye—” Celeste started to question when the Hufflepuff mentioned the portrait speaking on matters.

To think she thought she had been developing a repour with those around her library. Well Ms. Burke wasn’t exactly the nicest portrait, at least in her great great great aunt Minerva’s opinion if you asked the fellow headmistresses’ portrait.

And there was a letter from within said book. The librarian held out her hand with a polite “Please” to accept the letter at least to see if there was anything she could think on it. “Hmmmm Amacita…” she mused thinking on the depths of her memory. “Charms aren’t no’ exactly my forte,” she admitted. Transfiguration was her family’s area of expertise. Though most spells had Latin roots which any witch or wizard had to have some knowledge of. “Ama might have a connection tae love from t’root Amara.”

But what did that have to do with portals?

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