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Desiree didn’t like getting messy for the most part, but she made an exception when it came to art. Art wasn’t just mindless messiness; there was a purpose to it. Art was all about creating something beautiful, and sometimes the creator’s looks suffered for the sake of the creation.

She arrived dressed in an oversized black hoodie, one she “borrowed” from her brother. It had already got paint splattered all over it from a flying activity several terms ago, so there was no harm in it getting even more paint on it. She sort of took the paint-splatter aesthetic and ran with it! Her leggings and sneakers also had a paint-splatter print, and her dark hair was held into a high ponytail with a splatter-print scrunchie.

As Desiree entered the art classroom, she immediately noticed PRofessor Feirgrund moving things around. “Hello, Professor!” she greeted with a smile and a friendly wave. More smiles and waves followed for the other students. “Hi, Ary! Hi, Vera!” Standing with the others, she looked around the room with a slightly intrigued expression. Interesting setup… were they going to be painting the walls?
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