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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Drake was awfully considerate, wasn’t he? This was Ary’s little mental observation, and he appreciated the consideration so much. But for one sad moment, he thought that his friend was about to remove his head from his and Ary was quite preparing himself to drown in disappointment. But then Drake resumed the comforting position and all was right in Ary’s little world. Oh, yes. Ary could agree with that: each creature deserves their own attention from humans. Lots and lots of attention! Though he couldn’t see Drake’s face, Ary knew him well enough by now to tell he was smiling. It also helped that there was all that excitement and enthusiasm from the other boy. “They likes me well enoughs,’’ he admitted modestly. “Sures they’d like yous more.” Ary continued staring at the mirror, quite liking that his dad and Drake were getting along so nicely.

“Since I was a young and carefree Hogwartian like you are, little Mandrake. It’s never too early to start thinking about what you want to do for the rest of your life.” It was always better to choose something that one enjoyed; that way you’d never have to work a day in your life. Khari the young Hippogriff seemed to deduce there was a lot of attention on her. She stared directly towards the mirror and gave a soft squawk. Half a minute later, Adi’s face flashed back on. “You’ll be able to meet her when you visit, Drake. Ary will officially introduce you.’’ Even if this happens from afar since Adi was always cautious about letting the young children in his life too close to the creatures. “I have to go now. Another time soon we can have a look at the dragons.” He was looking at Ary as he said this because this was Adi’s way of letting his son know that he’d be checking in regularly. “Bye, Drake. Love you, Ary. Remember Aunty Hady is there when you miss your papa and I.” Adi gave both boys a wave then he was gone.

Ary nodded and waved back at his dad before setting the mirror aside. “I really hopes you’ll comes to visit the Reserve, Drake. If your mom lets yous, you can evens stay a few days, you and Gilly.” Already he was thinking about how much he’d miss Drake during the holidays. It was a time when he wouldn’t be seeing much of his two closest friends.
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