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When the lid to their and the other creatures rather abrupt prison opened, the knarls were quick to climb the staircase within and shuffle outside of the box. There were three of them, appearing one right after the other.

Spike was the first to leave the box, in a scurry to get away from the confined space. But imagine his surprise when as he peeped over the edge, there was a bunch of humans standing there. Looking at him. Some were even brandishing their garden sticks his direction! With an offended noise, he moved out of the way of his companions and shuffled about the room trying to find somewhere to hunker in which he wouldn’t be cornered.

Quilliam followed just a few steps behind, leaving the box with a loud snort. He glanced curiously at Spike, before black eye turned towards the humans in the room. He blinked at them once before promptly shoving his snout towards the ground and begin his snuffle about the room. They hadn’t left him a BITE of daisies in there and he was HUNGRY now.

Spinella snapped at Quilliam’s behind as he took to long to move, though lucky for him she didn’t get her companion. She was angry. The people who had lured her into the box had the gall to also leave lettuce, carrots, apples. She didn’t know why, but they were trapping her within a trap. Well, she’d show THEM. With a slow look towards the humans, she bared her teeth for a moment before with another noise she scampered towards bags piled in a corner. She’d just have to rip those to shreds and make them clean it all up.
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