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Which came first, the phoenix or the flame?

Brandon was a little freaked out. He didn't like that things moved in the mirror. He didn't like that the mirror didn't reflect. HeDidn'tLikeItAtAll. What if someone was trapped in there? He didn't respond to Aurora's question or her hug, barely registering them. He didn't even take the cookie. Instead, he studied the mirror as a flood of unwanted memories seeped back into his mind.

He practically jumped out of his skin when Mitsuki approached them, his heart and breathing going berserk. He had been so focused on watching for movement in the mirror, and he was tense, and- and- and- she'd startled him. "H-hi, Mitsuki," he said, feeling faint, not commenting on the fact that his tutor was making little sense. Honestly... he wasn't really... in a conversational mood... "What's provisional bl-" He froze. Was Rowan going to touch the creepy evil mirror? Oh god. Please do NOT touch that. Please.

"You shouldn't touch that," Brandon said to the arriving older Slytherin, clearly feeling anxious about it. "You might get trapped in it. For months. And slowly go crazy and lose your sense of self and..." He started rambling about all the bad things that happened if you got trapped in a mirror. "...and you might never get back, and if you did you'd be messed up, and act all different, and- and- touching mirrors is just bad." He'd convinced himself that this mirror was one of the person-trapping ones and that didn't make him think the most logically. "I think we should stay away from it," he muttered, glaring at the mirror like it had personally committed crimes.
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