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Food stocking was perhaps the only thing between muggle and mundane that was overlapped for the event of an apocalypse. Most other supplies could be transfigured in the event of magic, but food was not something that could be magic'd into existence. "Actually, food storage might not be such a bad idea." If even just in the event of a rainy day where they could just pop open a can of beans. Ev watched as Hartley poured the potion on his foot, smiling a bit at the immediate relief that seemed to come for him. "I'm glad that feels better. Having a first aid kit certainly doesn't seem to be a bad idea." It came in handy in this moment, at the very least.

"Just like the old days indeed." Although this time perhaps they'd be more like peers than Evan having to just be the clueless young wizard he'd been previously when Hartley had assisted him. "Partnering up would be nice." He didn't so much mind lazy course mates, considering he unintentionally seemed to just take control of a project anyways with his perfectionist nature, but it would be nice to know for certain in every project that there was someone he could easily bounce ideas and discussions off of. He chuckled at the old nickname, shaking his head fondly. He'd outgrown that name, and yet he still managed to use all of his passwords as 'Evan Eleven' so clearly he just did not out grow things ever.

The question of something from all three drew a laugh from the younger male, but he also nodded as he passed them over. "Whatever you'd like. I could go for some pork belly and breadsticks for sure. What do you want?"
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