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As much as Aryan made it abundantly clear that he liked Drake's company, which he super appreciated because he still worried about being TOO annoying to his dorm mates at times, he still figured there was SOME times he'd not want the other boy around. Like maybe times when he and Bryony had something planned, or phone calls home, or just other times with other friends! Not that Drake himself ever felt like he needed any type of a break from Ary, which maybe should have been his clue it might have not been needed vice versa, but still... he just wanted to be respectful.

Settling in quickly, Drake excitedly devoured the sight of the reserve through the mirror, giving audible oohs and aahs as the baby hippogriffs took up his focus. "They're so CUTE!" He gushed, his head resting on top of Aryan's for best comfort. They could try to figure out a drying charm later for their heads of hair. "I imagine missing things there is really hard." He offered, a bit quieter so as not to worry Aryan's Dad on the call as well. "I like the one over there too with the specks of brown to his feathers. He looks so regal!" Even as it was clumsily still trying to gain proper control of it's limbs. "How long does it usually take them to fly?"
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