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Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Ashley Fox was working. Working meant finding a table somewhere, then writing or painting and continually ordering herself more snacks and drinks. She looked a little strange- each limb covered in purple and grey and blue tattoos, alternating between intense periods of work and intense periods of staring at the wall or doodling on the napkins- but at least she was happy. It wasn't hard to tell that she wasn't always in a good mood like this. But today she was very happy, and very productive. She was lost in a world of her own that nobody else could see.

She wandered to the counter again. "Hm. I've met you before," she noted absent mindedly to the guy working there. She may have been referring to ordering fish and chips fifteen minutes ago, or to when she gave him money from her brother at the Hogwarts station, or to when they were arguing over access to the music room piano. Her tone didn't make it clear. She might not even know herself. She paused, trying to remember her train of thought, then smiled delightedly when it came back to her. "Oh! Right. May I have another latte, please?" It was not the first latte of the day and probably would not be the last. But she paid and left a big tip, so... pretty please? She definitely needed a latte in order to keep writing. It was inspirational, and also it tasted amazing.
Even though he served them, sometimes repeatedly, Tommy didn't really take much notice of any of the Leaky's customers. Occasionally he would do a double-take if someone particularly attractive walked in (sorry, Ari - he's not blind), and if Lori was there he was hyper-aware of her, but otherwise he just didn't care enough. Call it bad service, call it obliviousness, but it was why he'd not really noticed the girl who was now talking to him.

Dragging his gaze from the ring he was twisting, he looked up and blinked almost sleepily at her. "Huh?" he asked, registering her statement after he'd spoken. "I work here, so if you've been in here before...." he trailed off, wondering what she wanted. Eyes flicking briefly to the clock (counting down the hours, minutes, seconds until his shift was over was second nature), Tommy was about to prompt her when she spoke again. "A latte. Sure." He repeated her order before turning to the machines behind him, grabbing a mug and getting to work.

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