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Default #TeamCentaur (taking Ary's club + aiming at Ezra)
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No sooner had Desiree hidden behind a boulder that she saw a Giant!Ezra coming toward her. Did he really think she’d come when called? She wasn’t stupid enough to wander right into the line of fire! The calling, plus the younger boy’s giggle had her giggling too, but that giggle soon turned to a yelp as the foam club came toward her.

She ducked out of the way of Ezra’s club… straight into the path of Ary’s. Glitter burst as the club hit her in the shoulder. Merlin, she was so glad that it was glitter instead of something messy like mud or water!

Ohh, you asked for it, boys! She thought, a look of intense determination on her face. Two against one isn’t fair! Her bright blue eyes darted from one “Giant” to the other. Which one should she target first? Setting her sights on Giant!Ezra, she aimed her arrow. Did it hit?

She didn’t stick around long enough to find out. Creeping out from behind her boulder, she ran as fast as she could to the next object large enough to hide behind. The Giant!Professor’s calls were all but ignored. Nope, not falling for that!
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