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Which came first, the phoenix or the flame?

Brandon sighed aloud when the word 'conflicts' was said, even though he tried his best not to. He hated conflict, and really always had. He associated it with yelling, fighting, death, misery, war, and a whole bunch of other awful things. Wizarding conflicts were a sensitive topic in his family, to say the least. While Brandon had only been five at the time of the third wizarding war, his sister had been a second year. And, well, that had really broken her. Not that their whole family wasn't messed up already. His body language became more reserved, with his hands in his pockets, and his interested expression more shut off. He knew that conflicts were very important to history, but that didn't make him at all comfortable with talking about the ones he had personal stakes in. "There was the third wizarding war. Eight years ago. With Rosier and the Neo-Alliance infiltrating and overtaking Hogwarts." He wished he'd thought of a different conflict first, though. The War drew to mind bad memories only.

You know what was really interesting? This spot on the ground in front of him, which was in the opposite direction from the 'war memorial' plaque thing that he was deliberately avoiding. He poked at a crack in the ground with his toe and frowned heavily, clearly not paying attention to what was being said. He was pretty sure he needed to go to the bathroom. Like, now.

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