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SPOILER!!: Individual Greetings
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Spotting Professor Fergersnout, he gave her the usual two finger wiggle wave greeting. Hi, Professor! Love the robes, by the way! Over the months, the Slytherin had gotten quite used to the woman’s style, all of which he happened to like, including the woman herself. But was old fashioned robes their topic today? It would be an interesting one if it were!
Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
"Hello Professor! I'm glad you choose to have our lesson outside, it's really nice out today." Bry smiled bright, wiggling her fingers in greeting as per usual. Cue wiggly fingers at Bronwen, Desiree and Ezra too, hello!
The early students were always greatly appreciated, mostly because it meant that they were enthusiastic about the subject. Or it could be that they were so scared of being late and losing house points but either way it worked for her and she couldn’t help the enthusiastic grin as the smallest little toadstools arrived first. “Good afternoon Mr Atreyu-Rehman, Miss Paton..” she nodded her head at the pair. “Isn’t it just unseasonably warm? What a marvelous day to be exploring the wonders of history.” Well she thought every day was but students weren’t always so enthusiastic.

Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
But despite all of this, she really liked her professor and the strange way about her. And so, when she made her way to the courtyard, it was with curious eyes and a soft smile. An outdoor lesson sounded absolutely divine. "'Ello Professor," she bowed her head slightly in greeting. "How do you keep your hat so perfectly pointy?" This is what usually occupied her thoughts during their lessons.
The next student received an equally gleeful grin. “Hello Miss Grimaldi.” Comments on her outfits were appreciated on any occasion but she had specifically spent time picking this one out that morning from her dreadfully messy wardrobe that it felt extra special that day. “Equal parts magic and perseverance, I keep them all on those mannequin heads so they don’t lose their shape,” she chortled. The array she had in her closet was really quite splendid but she supposed it might look a little creepy to the innocent onlooker to be met with so many body-less polystyrene heads staring back at you.

Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
She practically skipped outside to the courtyard, immediately noticing Professor Fergersnout's attire. Looked like something from the 1800s, if she recalled correctly from her fashion books. Possibly a clue to today's lesson? "Hello, Professor," she greeted with a smile and a friendly wave. "Lovely outfit!" The other students (Ary & Bronwyn) also received smiles and waves in greeting as she joined the huddle.
Speaking of outfit compliments.. “Thank you Miss Marchand. Wonderful of you to join us this afternoon.” Professor Fergersnout could never be described as fashionable by any means but she could certainly express herself in the plethora of colours and designs that graced her wardrobe. “Your shoes are certainly complementary to your own attire today.” She was most pleased to see the students had actually paid attention to her notice.

Originally Posted by noodles View Post
“Hello Professor Sn--” Uh.. Oops. “--Professor Fergersnout .” He corrected himself as he joined she and the other students who had gathered. He gave her a big smile to cover his blunder. “I like your hat.” He added, tipping his imaginary one at her. He liked her vintage costume too.
Another of the younger Toadlets joined the array of students only this one had seemingly forgotten her name. It wasn’t a huge problem, she could empathise with how difficult it could be to recall names sometimes. It was ironic really that her recollection of obscure wizards from the 17th century was impeccable but the name of an individual she had met the day earlier could completely slip from her mind. “Good afternoon, Mr Greenwood. If you are in need of a hat to tip might I suggest you visit the Costume Closet later.” He might quite enjoy the Pirate Captain’s hats with their fabulous feathers.

Originally Posted by Emzily View Post
Lovely day for a lesson, Professor.” No ma’am’s in sight, although he had forgotten to say hi. Solomon huddled with the nearby students, unaware of any of their faces, not trying to remember any of them neither.
As if the thought of Toadlets had conjured up an appearance from a certain young man next to join the group. “Welcome Mr Duck, any luck in finding that rogue amphibian of yours?” She had offered to form a search party if he was unsuccessful in his endeavours and she was a woman of her word.

Originally Posted by aRogueOne View Post
[color="#8EA768]Doing her best to not focus on how warm she was in her layers, Sloane headed straight across the courtyard to the rest of the students that had started gathering, ready for the lesson. Flushed in the face from the heat and waddling, Sloane sniffled her way over to where the rest of the students, only offering the Professor a red-faced nod as she did and the other students a grimace. [/Color]
What in Merlin’s marbles was a fluffy unicorn child doing in her lesson? Having taken more than a second to process that it was in fact a student of hers who has decided that that was appropriate attire for a lesson, the Professor's demeanour morphed from one of exuberant joy to one slightly disappointed. “Miss Knott, I don’t recall there being any indication that this lesson was a non-school uniform event.” Shoes yes, uniform no. “I’m afraid I shall be deducting 5 points from Slytherin for your fashionable choices this afternoon.” And that was coming from the most eccentrically dressed individual in the room.

Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
Regulus joined the gaggle of students clustered around the professor, noting the enchantments that kept the area warm even as he moved into their range. In lieu of giving the professor a verbal greeting, Regulus sent a small smile in her direction. History of Magic being one of his better subjects, it was best to stay in the good graces of the professor - not that he had any reason not to otherwise, no matter how exuberant and eccentric she seemed to be.

He did, however, stay well clear of the sickly first year, and from anyone else who seemed plagued by germs of their own. Regulus had no intentions of getting sick, nor of infecting the most vulnerable of his relatives.
It wasn’t so much that the silent greetings bothered Fergersnout but she was partial to a verbal conversation herself. Still at least he wasn’t frowning and was that a brief hint of a smile on his face? “Don’t worry Mr Prince, the first years don’t bite.” she chuckled, noticing his reluctance to stand near to the sniffling one. As for his shoes not matching his uniform, he needn’t have concerned himself with that. He was in the presence of the Professors unusual style choices after all.

Once satisfied that the students had gathered and with the clock ticking past two in the afternoon, it was about time for the lesson to truly start. The Professor cleared her throat and sang a long, loud operatic note in order to gain the students attention and hopefully silence any of the general chit chat still wafting through the group.

“Thank you my young Kookaburras and Kelpies for taking note of your notice boards and arriving here promptly.” It was best not to ask where Fergersnout got her inspiration for the names she used from, delving into her mind would be a confusing place. “I promise that we’ll get moving along in a few moments but I trust that it is warm enough for you all for the time being?”

“I know many of you probably consider studying history to be quite tedious which is why I thought a change in scenery might do you quite well. We are also going to be covering an exciting topic today, one that should hopefully pique everyone’s interest and give you all an opportunity to get your limbs moving.”
Exercise AND History, what could be better?!

Onto the lesson subject. “Now Hogwarts and the Wizarding World in general has seen its fair share of conflicts throughout the centuries from petty disagreements to warring families to huge battles right here on the very ground we stand our little tootsies on. Today we will only be focusing on one specific event but could anyone give me an example of a conflict they can recall in our existence?” Textbooks would not be necessary, the question was simple enough. “Just one answer per student please.” There were plenty of examples to go around.

OOC: The lesson has begun. Feel free to dive in if you haven’t posted already as if your student was here all along. Any latecomers will be dealt with IC as Professor Fergersnout sees fit. Just one answer per student for the question please so that everyone gets the opportunity to answer. Don’t forget, house points are awarded for participation and not just for correct answers. Lesson will move on in around 20 hours.
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