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Originally Posted by Bumblebee View Post

Leonardo was up early with the intention to head to the great hall to have himself a hot cup of lemon tea. His throat was still raspy and sore from the hideous cold he’s had for the last couple of weeks. Leo wasn’t one to get sick often, heck he hadn’t been sick all year and perhaps this was making up for it. Slipping on his black leather jack the young lion marched out of the common room.

As he made his way out he noticed his good buddy Hooper not looking very well. Concerned, Leo went to aid. ”Are you alright, mate?” Clearly Hooper did not look alright, but it was the first thing that came out his mouth! Using all his strength, Leo did his best to help his friend up on his feet. What the heck? Why was he drenched? Not that is was any of Leo's business. "Do you want to see the nurse?" Leo offered.
With his eyes closed and his mind almost completely asleep, it took Hooper a moment to actually hear the raspy voice that had talked to him but eventually, he did manage to wrestle open his eyes. The only issue was, his hair was now in his face. After moving the wet curtains that were wreaking havoc in his vision, his eyes managed to focus on the boy that was looking down at him. Blinking away the sleepies, he laughed a little and forced a smile across his face.

“Oh, hey Leo. What’s up man?” Using Leo’s hand and a whole lot of his strength, he managed to pull himself up onto his feat and casually lean and not fall against the wall next to the portrait of the Fat Lady. “Nurse? Why?” Did he look ill? Was pale or…As he pondered Leo’s question for a second, he actually thought about how he was feeling as he leant against the wall. Tired, sure but also numb…which wasn’t a good sigh. “Uhhh…I dunno. I don’t really feel great. I’m a bit…numb.” As if to prove a point, the sixth year pinched his own skin without flinching. “Maybe I should just sit by the fire for a bit. I don’t think forgetting the password after spending the night out in the rain was the best idea,” he laughed, a little sheepishly now. Oops.
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