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Were mornings exactly Giselle’s cup of tea? Not particularly, but the newly-minted fourteen-year-old was still riding the high from her shared birthday with her siblings the day before. Plus, there was a healthy curiosity toward what kind of meditation the DADA professor was planning on trying to teach them. Considering she was fairly certain it was going to be entertaining, at the very least. The third year was convinced that it would prove impossible to keep things from devolving into chaos, just by virtue of how her classmates regularly acted. (Okay, mostly the Gryffindors, and it wasn’t Slytherin bias that led her to that conclusion by any means)

Did she intend on being one of the first to arrive? Maybe yes, maybe no, and the brunette wasn’t inclined to appease anyone’s curiosity on that matter. It gave her the best selection of places to sit, anyhow, and she gave Professor Khanna a brilliant smile as she beelined for a pink mat and delicately took a seat criss-cross on it. This almost reminded her of dance classes, in a weird way. Even the fire ones, which she was hoping mum and dad would agree to her finally taking now that she was fourteen. “Good morning, Professor”, she called out quietly. Just in case he preferred the music to loud greetings. It was possible, and besides, everyone liked respect.
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