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Originally Posted by Algamus View Post
Algumas was all to content in completing the cleaning of this corridor without being bothered. There was a lot of cleaning to be done around the castle. No time could be spared standing about chatting with studentsies who got in his way.

Big ole' elfsie eyes followed the young girl heading along the corridor he had just so diligently scrubbed and swept clean. "Algumas cleaned here, young Missus' didn't make messes on clean floorsies did Missus'?" Studentsies all dragged in lots of dirt and left crumbsies all over. The grumpy old elfsie eyed the floor for any signs of dirt. "Algamus helped with breakfast, yes he did. Algamus fixed lots of foodsies for the studentsies. Studentsies eat all the foodsies at breakfast so Algamus can keep cowebsies away now and dirtsies."

His broom swept around Sophia's feet and over the tops of her shoes. Clean shoesies meant clean floorsies.
Sophia tried not to be offended at Algamus's accusation she'd made a mess. She hadn't, so there was no reason for her to feel as defensive as she felt. "Oh, no, I don't think I did," she said cheerfully. "I came from upstairs, it's nice and clean up there." It wasn't as if she'd come in from outside, dragging mud on her shoes. Some other day she might have done that, perhaps, but not today.

She held still as the elf swept over her shoes, then lifted one foot so he could see- there wasn't any dirt underneath, either!

"Is it okay if I keep going? I'm heading back to my common room."
She didn't want to mess up his work, though, so she'd find another way to go if he insisted.
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