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Originally Posted by VRSCIKA View Post
Being only 5' tall did make one fairly easy to miss upon approach. Despite being the eldest child, Trinity Fawn had never been blessed with height. Every single one of her siblings was considerably taller. She hadn't grown since she was 12, and the height fairy had skipped her over completely. The curves fairy visited her instead, more specifically, the booty fairy...oh well. "Visiting one of my favorite siblings on my free time." She beamed up fondly. She loved all of her siblings, but she would be lying if she said that she wasn't closest to Ama and Bax.

"It might be...I may have remembered it being someone's favorite dish from the pub on the corner. Now, who could that have been." The petite blonde tapped the corner of her mouth innocently before giggling and handing it over. "I thought you would appreciate being brought lunch."
Her teeny tiny sister was adorable she was. Amabelle couldn't help but smile as she spoke. "I bet you tell Baxter he's your favorite when he's around..." Hmph. But they all knew she was really everyone's fave. It was no secret.

Her smile only grew as she took the bag from Trin and stuck her nose off in it. Inhaling deeply her eyes slipped closed in sheer ecstasy. " You're aces, Trin. I've got a jam packed day. I just had to slip out and stretch my legs a bit." Owning multiple businesses tended to be a bit wearing. "I just finished a ribcage tattoo that took 3 hours sitting." It had been fun times, but it tended to cause her some aches and pains. "If you're not busy you should come for the Haute Noir photoshoot in a bit. It's going to be rad." Their uber talented brother was, of course, shooting the session.
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