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Allie had been in employment in the Ministry for approaching a year now and yet she still hadn’t quite worked out the best place to have her lunch. The food court would do just fine but there was something about the nostalgia and the fresh air of Diagon Alley that had her frequent the street more and more.

Today she had actually managed to align her schedule to that of her fiancé’s and therefore had arranged to meet her for a brief lunch before they both had to get back. It wasn’t like they desperately needed to see each other or anything but it had been a while since they were able to enjoy lunchtime together in the middle of the week and the change of scenery was nice. Besides she had very important wedding details to discuss.

Or rather she was going to list everything that she liked and Matty being the chilled bride that she was would probably just nod along and agree.

The twenty-five year old had purchased a couple of coffees and pastries and found a spot on the park bench to perch on whilst she awaited her arrival.
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