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Default Freddy, Fynley, Billie.

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Shrieking and not at all trusting of someone randomly doing this to him, the brunette ducked - missing the needles by half an inch, "Uh --- I am pretty sure, even with well intentions, it's basic manners to ask before stabbing someone" he said looking at the older man, clearly flabbergasted ---- before looking over to the younger guy, who had been talking of cockroaches named Paul. Because could he believe this guy too????

"Haha!" Finn laughed, unaware of how dismayed the young man was. "I'll be sure to challenge you to a duel the next time I wield such a terrible weapon against you." Placing his gloved right hand on Freddy's shoulder, it felt heavy, like iron. "You now look as sharp as your tongue. You are quite welcome for the free tailoring." Lifting his heavy hand from the boy's shoulder, Finn gave a wink. A little high strung, but the kid was alright.

"Everything deserves a name." Motioning with his ungloved hand, he invited Fynley to look around the cluttered shop. "Finn Bulwark." Ending that sweep of his hand on his chest, the junk wizard gave a small bow. "Names are powerful magic. A beetle is a beetle, but I bet you won't forget one named Paul."

There was something inherently cool about flying motorbikes. There were many ways for wizards to fly, but a roaring motorbike had a certain panache. "Made them myself off an old design I discovered. Iron Comet and Pale Horse could outrun any broomstick they sent after us. We had so much fun in those days." Finn sounded wistful while recalling days gone by to Billie. "Not as much fun as, uh, getting good grades in school." He didn't need to be accused of inspiring any juvenile delinquents.
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