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Text Cut: Phoebe & Finn
Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Phoebe's favorite leather jacket of all ever was her own, which had previously belonged to Noah. It was well-loved, too big on her, a little stained, and had a warm fur lining. It made her look like a pilot, and it also made her look silly because Noah was over six feet tall and she wasn't even almost five feet tall yet. She would have worn it now, but it was much too hot out.

(who was not named Poppy or Penny and definitely did not want to be) carefully replaced the fake-looking and overall not-right 'dragon-skin' jacket back on the hook. "You can't just leave clothes lying around," she said, all confused with a small frown. "You're supposed to put them back. It's the rules." There was no SIGN saying so, but... but... didn't everyone know it was The Rules to put things where you found them if you didn't want them? Even Phoebe knew that!

She thought about the other girl's words, but not very hard because she didn't like having eyes rolled at her and was disinclined to listen. "But... but... don't you already have a jacket? That one is over 15 whole sickles." Everyone knew that you didn't need more than one or two jackets, and everyone also knew that you definitely didn't need to buy them in the summer when you presumably had already used a jacket in the winter and could just use it again if it was storming and negative ten. Phoebe was confused and being confused made her frowny. Why didn't the actual-Stemp-girl know all the facts of life already?
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"It was a beetle. His name was Paul."

A voice called out from behind a cluttered shelf. A wizard then came lumbering out, wearing a leather welders apron and a pair of goggles resting atop his head. He wore a glove over only one hand, the ungloved hand holding his wand. On top of the gloved hand was a butterfly made of bits of copper wire, and wings of stained glass that seemed to glow orange and red in the summer sunlight coming through the window. With a tap of his wand, the butterfly took flight on those glass wings, eventually coming to rest on a stained glass flower hanging in the window.

"Arms out. Stand still." Tapping his gloved index finger with his wand, Finn produced a needle and thread that hovered in the air. Circling Fredrick, the junk wizard traced the air around the boy with his wand. "Don't know much about fashion, but I know utility. Little bit of magic in everything I work on here. Up to you all to find it." With a grin and a nod, Finn sent the needle flying towards Fredrick. Weaving in and out of the robes, the young student soon found them much more fitting. Retrieving the needle, he nodded once more, satisfied with his work. "Pull the little thread near you right shoulder if you start growing out of it."

There was also a pair of young witches (Phoebe and Billie) going through the jackets. Finn seemed a little disappointed when the dragon hide jacket was discarded. He fire proofed it himself because a similar jacket had saved his bacon from getting cooked on a few dangerous occasions. "Had a friend that was in a rock band, and he wore a leather jacket like that. Used to get in trouble with the Ministry of Magic for racing motorbikes in the skies above Blackpool."

“Rules?” Billie said, hands on her hips and one eyebrow raised in a very practised manner. “I didn’t see any sign.” No sigh, and no rule book. Besides, she would have put them all away when she was finished, but now she didn’t need to! Wasn’t that just lucky for her?

If Poppy or Penny or whoever didn’t like eye rolling, then they should probably go and talk to someone else. Or at least just stop telling Billie what she was supposed to do. Because at her words about already having a jacket, rolling her eyes was exactly Billie’s response. “I don’t have a leather jacket, duh,” she pointed out, turning once more in front of the mirror and then slipping the jacket off, deciding that yes she would be buying it. “Besides, I don’t think you can ever have too many jackets,” she added as she did so. Jackets could, like, make a whole outfit, after all.

She was a little surprised by the man who worked here, especially when he spoke to her. And when he mentioned that his friend had a leather jacket like this, she was tempted to put it back. After all, he seemed old (everyone was old to the eleven year old) and, like, that wasn’t cool. But then - well, her eyes sparked a little. “Racing motorbikes? Like, flying ones?”

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