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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Cup of ice cream in hand, huge sunglasses over her eyes, and a scarf expertly tied around her head - these were the elements of a perfect disguise. The ice cream was part of the disguise, of course, because Bee had purposefully chosen a flavor she would have never gotten otherwise.

Think smarter, kids. This was Big Brain Bron at play.

As she waited for the rest of the family to step outside with their own ice creams in hand, Bronwen took the initiative to start pushing tables together... Which was not easy seeing as she was still holding an ice cream cup in one hand.
Originally Posted by nicole black View Post
Celli kept sneezing. fake mustaches, no one tells you fake mustaches are itchier than tomato growing hair. and every little sneeze led to another mustache adjustment until the glue which kept it attached to her upper lip was barely glue at all and she had to had to hold it gently.

This meant that both hands were very occupied - ice cream cone secured - and she could only watch Bronny at work. "You should put your ice cream down on the table you aren't pushing. might help." Celli offered, scrunching her nose to stop another sneeze attack. "What flavor did you get?" she would need a taste at some point.
Originally Posted by Shanners View Post
It had taken a few siblings to once again talk some sense into Maebry over her disguise. First of all, it wasn't even fair that she had to wear shoes in the unknown alley. Second of all, it really wasn't fair that she had to wear shoes that she was sure were pinchy pinching at her toes. THIRD of all, it basically was so so unfair that the penultimate Grimaldi baby was having to wear shoes on their day out.

But shoes wasn't what she had to be talked into.

It was that shoes were not enough of a disguise and she would get them recognised if she didn't make more of an effort. Which was why the ten year old (mere days away from being eleven!!) had on fairy wings that she had decorated with flowers herself, massive daisy flower sunglasses and a short blue wig. And shoes. Unfortunately.

She followed her two older sisters outside, her own ice cream in hand, and listened as best as she could. Although...she was a little distracted by the amount of people around. "Give me your ice creams! I'll hold them so you can move the tables!" And then she'd taste test them to make sure they weren't poisoned.

Her cap and oversized shades - cat eyes, today, by some designer or other - were becoming a stable of the Babysitters wardrobe. She couldn't remember what film it was, but all of the heroes seemed to be able to go unnoticed when they donned them, and so Winifred was hoping the same. She was trying not to roll her eyes at the 'disguises' of the others. Bronwen, for once, wasn't even the one she was worried about - the scarf was actually pretty chic, and had they been on mopeds in Roma she would have been copying the style.

But the moustache? Celli, come on. But she wouldn't say anything, no, she would just deal with the inevitable fall out when it occurred. As for baby Maebs (who was still a baby, to the eldest)... Well, the wings were cute enough to bring a smile to Wins face, even as she fussed over them all in the queue.

And was left to pay. SIGH. One day, when she offered, someone else would pipe up and say no no no, that it was their turn to do so! But Winifred wasn't holding her breath. She joined the others outside (sans ice cream, she was still feeling some sort of way about that article, and the idea made her a little queasy), dropped a kiss on Maebry's head, and then joined Bon pushing tables together.

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