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Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
The argument could have been made that her current past time was as rude as it was dangerous, but she grew less and less conscious of that danger factor as popcorn pieces bounced of various parts of his head. Think of it as her entertaining way of feeding the pigeons, which were now quite happily gathered around the man. You're welcome feathered friends, enjoy your meal.

Except then apparently she was feeding him too, as one piece landed in his mouth. And of course just her luck, seemingly went straight down his wind pipe. Well, that was just bad luck wasn't it? Giving a small sigh, she put down the rest of her bag and headed towards him - cracking the seal of her unopened water and offering it towards him.

No words of apology. No attempted heimlich. Just an outstretched bottle. "Try this, it might clear it away." She didn't even bother to take the time to warn the beverage was carbonated. Hopefully that didn't present as another problem.
At this point, Theodore had no idea who or what was going on - if he had known someone was throwing popcorn into his mouth, he would be absolutely furious and probably resort to a duel, but he soon focussed on a woman standing in front of him offering him water. While she started off as his angel rescuer with the sun beaming behind her head, he soon narrowed his eyes crossly at her, shocked that she at least wasn’t trying to smack him on the back. Useless.

Still, he grabbed the water and tried to sip, and cough whatever it was up. Luckily the popcorn piece soon moved enough that it moved up into his mouth, where he was able to pick it out with his fingers. He was so confused by the entire situation. He hadn’t eaten or purchased popcorn in a long time.

Back to his rescuer, who had resumed her status of an Angel with the sun shining behind her, Theodore let out a relieved breath but wasn’t quite ready to smile - too traumatised. “Phew… thank you so much.” He screwed the lid back onto the water bottle tightly and handed it back to her. “Did you see what the heck happened there?” He needed some insight now.
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