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Originally Posted by Zoe View Post
It was weekends such as this that Dafydd missed. He knew that going into the pre-healer programme meant there would be a lot of work ahead of him, but it ultimately made him truly appreciate moments like these. It was a good reminder to stop and enjoy the little things. And that was exactly what today was all about: a simple picnic, watching the waterfowl, and good company.

He was so lost in the moment that he hadn't noticed his friend's arrival until a series of words in Welsh hit his ears. Instantly his face shifted and he beamed up at Jude. "Always," he told him as he finished off the remaining bit of the sandwich in his hand while his counterpart made himself comfortable.

When Jude mentioned missing his face, Daf smirked and jokingly made a dramatic pose. He had slightly leaned back and his face had morphed into that pouty yet alluring look that many models made. "Best take a picture then so you can look at my pretty face whenever you please." He winked before he replied seriously with a "I missed you too, Jude. How's everything going? And help yourself to the basket. There's plenty in there."

Jude grinned. “And yet you never manage to put on a stone! What’s your secret?” Not that Jude needed help in losing any; dancing kept him fit. For as long as he could remember, food had been Daf’s other half. But hey, food kept him happy and that was all that mattered. Speaking of happiness, Jude couldn’t help but feel exactly this way as he leaned back and propped himself up on the palms of his hands, his feet stretched before him. This position only lasted for about a second.

Quick as lightning, Jude whipped out his phone. The camera app was pulled up and a picture of Daf’s face was snapped. “Perfect!” he remarked. “I’m just going to back this picture up so I never lose it…” While he talked, Jude’s fingers worked, doing exactly as he said. “If being a Healer doesn’t work out, you’ve definitely got the actor package going.” He amused himself for a bit by thinking about his boyfriend and his friend here acting together.

It was nice to be missed. Jude missed Hogwarts for the most parts, but mainly for his friends and all the silly adventures they shared at the school. Now they were off on their own adventures. This was why these hangouts were important: to catch up and just to chill. “Everything's going great!’’ Jude began, helping himself to a piece of shortbread from the basket. “WADA has its challenging days. Not to mention teaching dancing to pre teens.” Some days… some days were so hectic. “But going home to Davet everyday helps a great deal.” How was it that it was almost a year since they moved in together already?! Jude wiggled his toes happily. “Tell me about the pre-healer programme! Is it difficult? Have you made loads of new friends?”
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