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This, perhaps, wasn’t the best place to spend time when one had called in sick to work, but in actual fact wasn’t sick at all. Sick of work, more like. Theodore Kinsley, strolling with a rugged look about him, eagerly wanted to capture that bit if sun before the streets were flocked with children on their summer break. Was there anything worse than children? Nah… he didn’t mind them in small doses, his only real experience being with his two 8 year old nieces. Of course, Theo wasn’t often Kathryn’s first choice of babysitter, so he only experienced the fun uncle duties and absolutely zero responsibility. That was something that never came easy to Theo, even in his lengthy career.

The bearded man paused by a bench to tie his shoelace, before deciding to sit and relax for a few minutes. Or hours. He wasn’t especially worried about being seen by fellow colleagues, but if he had seen his boss then maybe you’d see a little fear in him. His head gently tilted back with his eyes shut, and but a few moments later…


His mouth fell open a little and if one got close enough they would see a drop of dribble droop down his chin.
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