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Default Character Elimination v.48

Welcome to the forty-eighth version of Character Elimination!

This game, originally started by LovelyLunaLovegood, has become quite popular here on SS. You surely know the rules by now: copy the list from the post above you and add 1 point to your favourite character (please bold or add the + sign for the character you choose) and take away 1 point from another (please italicize or add the - sign for the character you choose). When an option loses all of its points, remove it from the list and keep on playing. Keep in mind that other members may be posting the same time you are. If someone posts seconds before you, please edit your post so the numbers stay correct. The numbers should always total 500 points.

SPOILER!!: Previous Winners!

Round 1's Winner: Sirius Black
Round 2's Winner: Remus Lupin
Round 3's Winner: James Potter
Round 4's Winner: Ron Weasley
Round 5's Winner: Luna Lovegood
Round 6's Winner: Severus Snape
Round 7's Winner: Ginny Weasley
Round 8's Winner: Draco Malfoy
Round 9's Winner: Fred Weasley
Round 10's Winner: Albus Dumbledore
Round 11's Winner: Neville Longbottom
Round 12's Winner: Fawkes
Round 13's Winner: Lily Potter
Round 14's Winner: Rubeus Hagrid
Round 15's Winner: Barty Crouch Jr.
Round 16's Winner: Hermione Granger
Round 17's Winner: Nymphadora Tonks
Round 18's Winner: Harry Potter
Round 19's Winner: Dobby
Round 20's Winner: Molly Weasley
Round 21's Winner: Pomona Sprout
Round 22's Winner: Cho Chang
Round 23's Winner: George Weasley
Round 24's Winner: Filius Flitwick
Round 25's Winner: Lucius Malfoy
Round 26's Winner: Colin Creevey
Round 27's Winner: Horace Slughorn
Round 28's Winner: Lord Voldemort
Round 29's Winner: Dean Thomas
Round 30's Winner: Arthur Weasley
Round 31's Winner: Minerva McGonagall
Round 32's Winner: Charlie Weasley
Round 33's Winner: Grey Lady
Round 34's Winner: Alastor Moody
Round 35's Winner: Seamus Finnigan
Round 36's Winner: Oliver Wood
Round 37's Winner: Bill Weasley
Round 38's Winner: Narcissa Malfoy
Round 39's Winner: Hedwig
Round 40's Winner: Regulus Black
Round 41's Winner: Bellatrix Lestrange
Round 42's Winner: Moaning Myrtle
Round 43's Winner: Katie Bell
Round 44's Winner: Kingsley Shacklebolt
Round 45's Winner: Angelina Johnson
Round 46's Winner: Game lost in the SS Cyber Attack
Round 47's Winner: Cedric Diggory

Here are the current elimination characters:

10 Aberforth Dumbeldore
10 Arabella Figg
10 Argus Filch
10 Arnold the Pygmy Puff
10 Bathilda Bagshot
10 Blaise Zabini
10 Bloody Baron
10 Buckbeak
10 Cormac McLaggen
10 Cornelius Fudge
10 Crookshanks
10 Dolores Umbridge
10 Dudley Dursley
10 Ernie Macmillan
10 Fat Friar
10 Firenze
10 Fleur Delacour
10 Garrick Ollivander
10 Gilderoy Lockhart
10 Godric Gryffindor
10 Grawp
10 Gregory Goyle
10 Hannah Abbott
10 Helga Hufflepuff
10 Igor Karkaroff
10 Irma Pince
10 Kreacher
10 Lavender Brown
10 Lee Jordan
10 Michael Corner
10 Mundungus Fletcher
10 Nagini
10 Nearly Headless Nick
10 Olympe Maxime
10 Padma Patil
10 Parvati Patil
10 Percy Weasley
10 Peter Pettigrew
10 Petunia Dursley
10 Pigwidgeon
10 Piers Polkiss
10 Rita Skeeter
10 Rowena Ravenclaw
10 Rufus Scrimgeour
10 Salazar Slytherin
10 Sybill Trelawney
10 Vernon Dursley
10 Viktor Krum
10 Vincent Crabbe
10 Zacharias Smith

Are you ready to play? Have fun!
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