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This is such a great question! I have a lot of pets so bare with me

First I have my three dogs, Bailey is a mixed breed and Belle and Beau are Shih Tzu’s.
Bailey: He’s a Slytherin. He’s the sort of dog that will start trouble but then tell on the other animals when they join in. He’s all bark and absolutely no bite too
Beau: Let’s just say she is definitely NOT a Ravenclaw. She gives major Hufflepuff vibes as she’s so cuddly and loyal.
Belle: This one is difficult because she has two completely different personalities. She was rescued from a terrible situation and so is particularly frightened of strangers but at home she blatantly gets into mischief without a second thought giving Gryffindor vibes. It’s like she doesn’t even try to hide that she’s being naughty.

Now for the cats
Leo: I think this one is pretty obvious, he’s a Gryffindor. He’s brave, he has a very loud meow and he’s ginger.
Lionel: Ironically he’s not a Gryffindor like his name would suggest but more of a Ravenclaw. He’s extremely clever when it comes to breaking into things, opening doors and using his adorable face to manipulate his owners.
Samson: Gryffindor. He might be the smallest but he’s certainly the bravest. He loves to intimidate visiting dogs by pouncing on their tails.
Sadie: Total Hufflepuff. She’s the most relaxed cat you’ve ever met. She’s extremely people orientated and will never leave your side.
Saffron: She’s beautiful, she’s elegant and she will stare at you from across the room until you give her what she wants. Slytherin!

Finally the Lovebird Lyra who should be a Ravenclaw but she often hangs upside down in her aviary swinging her head from side to side and talking to herself in the mirror which doesn’t scream Claw type behaviour to me. She’s LOUD though. Gryffindor/Hufflepuff hatstall.
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